Adapting code for other Opencaching sites


There have been serveral Opencaching nodes in the past who were interested in using the code, but failed to set it up. Possible reasons for failing to set up a new OC installation are:# outdated intallation docs (doc/install.html)# outdated sample setting files# missing database intialization contents# insufficient translatability# insufficient customizability# insufficient support in setting up the siteNo 2 and 4 are addressed by release 3.0.14, which makes the site fully translatable and updates settings (which still need verification).This issue shall collect any changes which are still needed to set up a new Opencaching site. Tasks may be outsourced to subissues. Some to start with:* Setup a complete OC site from scratch and document the installation and customization in doc/install.html.* Update the sample settings according to the insight from this new installation.* Provide a DB initialization dump (including NUTS data)* Verify / update / document import of Geodb and NPA data for a given country (NPA is optional).* Make articles customizable (articles.php?page=x).* Move help pages index from DB to setting files to make it customizable.* ...We start with prio 0, as there currently are no requests to use code.

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